In this episode I interview world-renowned strength & conditioning coach Mike Boyle to discuss Functional Strength Coach 6 & to give advice to gym owners & coaches. You can grab your early bird copy by clicking this link

PS Yes this is an aff link 🙂 – Below is some info about FSC6 & the mistakes Mike sees coaches making

Mistake #1 – Failing To Truly Understand Why They Are Doing Things The Way That They Do

One of the biggest mistakes coaches make when they are designing programs is failing to understand why they are actually doing things.

Last summer I read Simon’s Senek’s best selling book, Start With Why.

This book began a thought process that has caused me to think more about why we are doing what we do when it comes to programming and coaching more than ever before.

Why do we stretch?
Why do we foam roll?
Why ‘functional’ training?
Why uni-lateral training?

Everything went under the microscope.

I had to validate the way we were doing things at MBSC so I could clearly see the reason behind every exercise and drill that is performed to create the best training possible for our clients…and you should be doing the same.

Mistake #2 – Piecing Together Random Components To Design Their Programs

Another huge mistake coaches make is creating a program by cobbling together ideas and exercises from various places. I understand why this happens…a coach attends a Perform Better event and picks up a few ideas, then he buys a product and finds a couple of other things that he likes and the process goes on and on until his program is a collection of parts that don’t work together in a synergistic way like they should.

Sure, each component of the program probably has merit on it’s own, but a program should be designed to achieve a goal rather than pieced together arbitrarily. Which leads me to the third big mistake I see…

Mistake #3 – Borrowing From Other Coaches With No Context

Part of the problem with borrowing concepts from other coaches is that without understanding the entire puzzle, an individual piece means very little.

Coaches often plug exercises they get from seminars into their programs…but do they truly understand why the presenter selected that movement in the first place? Are they each working toward the same goals or are they even working with similar clients?

If a coach is going to borrow from others (and we all should), then they need to have enough context to know how to effectively utilize what they’re borrowing.

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